The 6 C’s of real-world copywriting

Real-world copywriting is rooted in what’s good about “classic” copywriting—but tempered for the world we live in today. Let's look at the 6 C's of real-world copywriting.

Cash-first copywriting peddles three toxic ideas to readers :

  1. Enough is never enough. It doesn’t matter how much you have or how much you already do. You could have more—and be doing it more easily.
  2. The problem is you. If you haven’t succeeded yet, it’s your fault. If you don’t have a flat stomach, or endless leads, or a lifestyle of ease, you’re doing it wrong.
  3. You’ll be less of a failure if you buy. Success can be simple if you just get over your objections and buy now.

Real-world copywriting is rooted in what’s good about “classic” copywriting—but tempered for the world we live in today.

It’s still highly persuasive, but it’s infinitely more… Wholesome, I guess.

And it’s rooted in five emotions, which—when you use them in concert—make your readers feel a sixth.

These are the 6 Cs of real-world copywriting. 


To get anywhere with anybody, you first need to get them to pay attention.

The second C: CONNECTED

To get people to buy online, you need to answer a LOT of unspoken questions they have.

Who are you? What are you offering? Why should I pay attention? Why should I believe you? What happens after I make my purchase?

When your real-world copywriting answers all of these questions, they can’t help but feel more connected to you—and to what you have to sell.

The third C: COMMITTED

There’s one more question readers have: “Why do I need this now?”

And you’d better answer it. Fast. Because unless your reader is committed to the idea of exploring what you have on offer—or you can get them that way—they’ll leave, and you’ll lose your sale.

The fourth C: CONFIDENT

Your reader also needs to be confident that what you’re asking them to do is simple, sensible, and safe.

These three things by themselves won’t guarantee that your reader will feel confident enough to come on board.

But without ticking these boxes, you can be sure they won’t.

The fifth C: CARED FOR

Any bully can torture a prisoner into compliance. It takes something else entirely to get someone to comply willingly.

Your buyers need to know that you’re looking out for them—that you’re a partner, not an adversary. 

They want to feel comfortable with the buying process, and that you’ve got their best interests at heart.

In other words—they want to feel cared for.

Finally, the sixth C

Real-world copywriting is about coaching your buyer, not coercing them.

It’s about making them feel captivated, connected, committed, confident, and cared for.

Which, of course, leads to the SIXTH C, the one that’s most important of all—convinced.

When your reader feels the 5 Cs in their head and their heart, they become convinced that buying from you is what they need to do.

And because the first 5 Cs lead naturally to the sixth, you can simply ask for that sale—because it’s just around the corner.

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