10 Buyer Wants: consumer psychology made easy

Between Abraham Maslow’s needs and Steven Reiss’ long list of human desires, there are a lot of moving parts to remember.

So to make things simpler, I’ve created a “cheat sheet” of 10 Buyer Wants.

Every single time you successfully sell something, you’ll find it was because it ticked one or more of these 10 boxes for your buyer:

  1. I want to feel secure.
  2. I want to feel comfortable.
  3. I want to feel like I’m connected to people.
  4. I want to feel sexy.
  5. I want to be free.
  6. I want to become a better me.
  7. I want to give back.
  8. I want to feel excited because I’m bored.
  9. I want to be part of something bigger than myself.
  10. I want to matter to others—both right now and after I’m gone.

To write better copy, take your offer and look at it through the different lenses on this list.

How many of the 10 Buyer Wants does your offer address? Can you touch on more?

It’s easy when you try.

For instance, imagine you’re a financial planner trying to sell your services.

You could emphasize security. “Your money is safe with me.”

Here’s an appeal to comfort: “It will be easy to make investment decisions because I will help you.”

What about connection? “Join my elite group of clients who know the real way to build wealth.”

Sexiness is easy here: “When you become a millionaire, everyone will want you.”

Everyone wants freedom, so this is another easy one: “This is the key to financial independence.”

Becoming a better version of oneself: “By investing your money properly, you’ll finally become like the rich people you admire.”

Giving back: “Invest with me and we’ll help you create a charitable foundation.”

And although you might not think finance is exciting, it can be: “Finally you’ll learn how to master the ups and downs of day trading and make them work for you.”

Being a part of something bigger is often religiously motivated, so here’s an example of that kind of appeal: “We’ll help you build more wealth so you can tithe more.”

And “mattering” to others is, if your heart’s in the right place, a lot of what accumulating wealth is about: “Together, we’ll build a legacy that will live on long after you die.”

Interesting, right?

The good news is it took me about as long to come up with that list as it did for you to read it just now…

So trust me when I say this process isn’t hard.

It just requires some creativity, and some thinking about what buyers really, truly want.

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