5 places to promote your content

You've created some content and posted it to your site. But your job isn't done yet. Here are five ways to promote your content.

You’ve created some content and posted it to your site. Congratulations!

But your job isn’t done yet. Content doesn’t get an audience just because it exists.

You need to make potential clients aware that it’s there and—more importantly—convince them that it’s worth reading.

This isn’t like that baseball movie, Field of Dreams. There’s no “If you build it, they will come.” Your buyers are going to need a little help finding you.

But if you make getting the word out about your content a regular part of your online activities, you’ll see your audience grow.

Welcome to the world of content promotion—here are five ways to get started.

1. Promote blog posts in other blog posts

Many agencies forget that one of the best places for content promotion is right on their website.

If you briefly mention a topic in one blog post, for example, link to the post where you went deep on the subject. It’s the simplest way to get more traffic to existing blog entries.

Bonus tip: Publish an occasional “in case you missed it” post that summarizes other content you’ve created, or post lists of your most-read or most-shared posts.

2. Promote new content on high-traffic pages

Have a new long-form piece of content? Use a prominent CTA on key pages or implement a Hello Bar or a Sumo-style pop-up ad to promote it.

(And before you scream at me. Yes, everybody says they hate pop-ups. But they’re lying—the typical conversion rate on a pop-up is over 3%.)

3. Promote your content on social networks

The day you publish a new piece of content, share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social media sites where your prospects gather.

But don’t just put up a link and call it done. Write some short copy that explains why someone would benefit from reading what you’ve shared.

What are they going to get out of it? Tell ‘em.

4. Consider paid content promotion

A promoted tweet or Facebook Ad can get a lot of eyes on your new content quickly. You can also look at pay-per-click through Google Ads, paying to sponsor a newsletter with high readership, or even promoting your content on a platform like Outbrain.

But to make sure you aren’t shelling out money to reach people who aren’t real prospects, you need to carefully target your ideal prospect. Before you start paying to play, first determine who your target audience is.

Then spend time drilling down through your targeting options to make sure your ad’s audience is as good a match as possible. By carefully tweaking, you can increase the chances that only the right people see your ad—keeping the cost of content promotion manageable.

5. Don’t forget about shares—let your audience promote your content for you

When you’re creating content, think about what your target audience would find valuable. Ask yourself what questions they have, and then answer those questions. Writing for “shareability” is like catching lightning in a bottle, but you’ll have a better chance if the content you’re trying to promote is extremely relevant.

Need some ideas for shareable content? Try a list of stats and tips relevant to your readers. Create an infographic or an explainer. Or pull together a list of the top 10 free resources your buyers absolutely need to be using.

Your prospects are people, just like the rest of us—and people love looking knowledgeable in front of their peers. Educate them and they’ll take over your content promotion for you.

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