4 smart ways to spend your web content budget

There’s no such thing as a bottomless web content budget.

(No matter how much a copywriter might wish there was.)

In other words, you can’t just keep paying for content writing.

Sooner or later you’re going to have to make some choices about how to spend.

If you find yourself suddenly faced with hard budget decisions, here are some ways to prioritize your web content spend.

1. Clean up your existing web content

Hiring someone to scrub your text is one of the smartest things you can do with your web content budget.

Sloppy copy looks unprofessional—and sends a negative message to potential buyers about your company.

If you have to choose, then choose to edit first.

2. Offer downloadable content

Once your on-site web content is in good shape, start investing in downloadable giveaways like checklists, tip sheets, reports, and short ebooks.

Valuable, educational content is the heart and soul of content marketing.

It provides your potential client with something they can use.

It establishes your value as an expert.

And it’s great at gathering leads.

So go ahead and get some created. Give it away for free if you have to, or use landing pages (see next tip) to gate the content.

3. Create landing pages to give away that content

The more landing pages your site has, the more leads you will convert.

How many do you need?

Hubspot says that companies that have 30 landing pages or more…

Get 7 times as many leads as companies that have fewer than 10 landing pages.

So if you have more to spend, put a priority on landing pages.

Create a short sign-up form that a visitor can fill out to get your educational content—they’ll get something useful to read, and you’ll get information you can use to follow up on a potential sale.

Just don’t ask for too much detail. Name and email address should be enough — the number of people who’ll fill out your form decreases with every additional bit of information you request.

4. Embrace email marketing

Finally, if you’ve got some extra money, commission some marketing emails and use inexpensive software to automatically send a sequence of messages at pre-set intervals.

These sequences, called either drip campaigns or autoresponder series, work best when they offer a mix of valuable content and sales messages over five or more emails.

Email marketing is a great tactic to spend your web content money on because it’s a “set it and forget it” option: once you have everything written and ready to go, the emails will go out on their own at the intervals you previously decided—without any further intervention on your part.

The takeaway

Although these types of web content cost money, the return on that investment is larger than with other content you could use. If you need to be smart with your content money, these tactics will help you maximize your return on your marketing dollar.

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