The biggest problem with your web content

wrong way web contentIf you’re like many business owners, you’re publishing web content that has one huge problem:

It’s all about what you want, not what your clients want.

Clients don’t care about how you hope to build your brand.

They don’t want dry, boring lists of product features without any mention of why those features would help them.

And they don’t want to read about your company in blog update after update.

Here’s your cheat sheet:

Less you.

More them.

And here’s how to make that happen.

Ask yourself what your reader wants to know.

“What’s in it for me?”

This is the question every reader asks when they arrive on your site.

And when they answer it, the next thing they do is make a split-second decision about whether or not they want to keep reading.

“Is there anything here of interest?

“Should I bother continuing, or should I try another site?”

So for starters—write down these words and tape them above your monitor:

“What’s do I need to write for my reader?”

To get some hints, dig up your old “Contact Us” emails… What are your customers asking?

You could also try looking at forum posts or blog comments about your product or service—or similiar ones like yours.

What kinds of questions come up time and again?

Once you have a good list, use your web content—FAQs, blog posts, email newsletters, whatever—to start answering those questions.

And remember: don’t write a word unless it’s of use to the person who’s going to read it.

Because by giving your potential clients and customers what they want, you increase the chances that they’ll buy from you.

If you’re going to talk about what you do, stick to benefits, not features.

A list of nothing but features is a recipe for disaster.

Clients’ eyes will glaze over when they read that your omni-channel ecommerce agency offers CRM integration, UAT testing and OMS implementation.

(Boy, that sentence was even hard to type.)

But they’ll light up when they read about how you can increase their revenue and boost customer loyalty by giving their customers the ability to order products in person, over the phone and online.

See the difference?

When you need to share news, keep it customer-oriented.

Doubled your sales last month?


But when you share that news with your customers, try relating it to your readers’ point of view. Maybe talk about how thankful you are for your customers’ support, or explain how your sales success is the result of your product doing X, Y, and Z that benefits your customers.

The takeaway

The Web gives you the opportunity to communicate with people like you’ve never been able to before.

Don’t abuse that power, or waste your chance.

To build relationships and win business, give your clients the web content that they want to read.

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