How much does web content cost?

If you’ve been trying to price web content, by now you’ve discovered the numbers are all over the place.

The difference, for example, between one writer’s fees and another’s can be extreme.

At WRIXON, we charge per-project fees instead of billing by the hour or the word.

Why? Because this is fairer for everyone involved. You know exactly what your content will cost ahead of time, and we get paid based on what the work will do for your business.

However, that doesn’t answer what many people consider the essential question…

How much do I need to spend?

Website pages

Pages like your home page and your “About Us” page are often your prospects’ first introduction to your site and your business. Quality writing makes them inviting and informative.

For core web pages, our fees start at $500 per page.

Blog posts

The cost of a blog post will depend on its length, how many others you order at the same time and the amount of research involved. Two-thousand word “thought leader” pieces with multiple people interviewed will be more expensive than 400-word “top five” lists. The more you need, the more money you should think about investing.

Posts that require our direct involvement price out at an equivalent of a dollar a word. When we can use our network of writing partners for more basic content, the rate is about half that.

Landing pages

If you have a limited web content budget, spend as much of it as you can here.

A landing page is often your only chance to turn a visitor into a lead—which means there’s a great deal riding on your pitch, and a lot of work to put into them.

These typically start at $750 per page.

Sales pages

A good sales page walks a reader through the buying process and makes them want to spend their money there and then.

Sales pages cost more than typical web content because they are quite difficult to write and require specialized expertise.

The writing needs to help your buyer identify a problem, demonstrate why your product is the answer to that problem, and counter any objections the buyer might have.

Rates here hover at an equivalent of $2 a word, although for very long pages that price can be less.

Email marketing and autoresponder email series

Marketing automation software enables you to reach out to prospects and help convert them to warm leads and then to buyers.

In some cases, the contact starts after a prospect requests information.

In others, emails are sent when a buyer first purchases, and then periodically afterward to win new sales.

The average email series runs between five and 12 emails and is designed to move prospects through the different stages of the sales process.

Email series start at $250 per message.

Content downloads

Ebooks, white papers, and special reports are invaluable in a properly functioning content marketing campaign.

Offering well-written information helps build client trust and forges the beginning of what often can turn into a long-term and profitable relationship.

These kinds of download are much harder to price since requirements can vary so much. Generally, however, they match web pages—$500 per page.

The takeaway

Here’s number one thing to remember when you’re trying to price web content:

With a skilled writer, you’re not just paying for the words on the page… You’re also paying for their knowledge of what to do with those words.

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