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Hey, it’s Aaron Wrixon. Thanks for listening to Wes McDowell and me on the Profitable Website Show.

Wes and I talked about some conversion tips, so I wanted to repeat them here for you.

Content that converts solves your reader’s problem.

Your website isn’t like Instagram or Facebook—people aren’t checking it out of boredom when they need something to pass the time.

If they’re on your site, it’s because they have a problem and they think maybe you can solve it. So you need to get down to the business of demonstrating which problems you solve… So they can stick around, or so they can leave and you don’t waste anyone’s time.

Conversion-focused content speaks to them in their language.

It says “you” a lot and not “we”—and it uses the words they do. You can research this kind of thing with Google, Amazon, and YouTube.

It meets them where they are in their buying journey.

Some readers are just starting to learn they might have a problem. Others are ready to pull out their wallet. And showing “buy now” content to exploratory researchers will drive them away; conversely, showing basic “Introduction 101” material to sale-ready buyers will frustrate them and—you guessed it, drive them away.

Great content stands out.

So much of what people say online sounds the same. If you want to turn a visitor into a buyer, you need to say something different.

And it asks for the order.

So many people just put the sale on the table and don’t ask their buyers to sit down and eat. But people aren’t as smart as you might assume they are—they need your help… You have to tell them what to do!

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