How to work with a content writer: 4 things to know

You may feel you need to be personally responsible for every aspect of your business.

But it can be healthy—for both your bottom line and your sanity—to hand some things off to a specialist.

Your copywriting, for example.

You know you should let it go—but it can be intimidating to work with a content writer.

To be sure that you get exactly what you want when it’s time to bring in a hired gun, keep these important considerations in mind.

1. To get the best results, have a clear idea of what you want.

No writer is a mind reader.

Which means either you need to have a general idea of the assets you need—landing pages? case studies? email series? blog posts?

Or you need to hand over the reins and let your writer guide you.

STYLE TIP: Find a few examples on the web that capture the feel you want for your own content, and save them in a swipe file of favorite ads, landing pages, and so on.

If you can provide this kind of direction,  your writer will be more likely to produce copy that fits your vision.

2. You don’t need someone with experience in your field.

Many people feel that a writer can’t write about a topic unless they have real-world experience in that area. This is wrong; most writers are skilled researchers—and can learn what they need to write authoritatively about your industry.

Point your copywriter at some research resources and be willing to answer questions. After all, you SHOULD be hiring them for their copywriting skills—not their resume.

3. But you do need someone with experience.

Look for someone who has written for companies like yours before. If you’re a small one-person shop, ask about experience working with start-ups and entrepreneurs.

If you’re getting the work done for a larger company, check up on more corporate work or a familiarity with bureaucracy.

Need a certain result? Sign-ups, conversions, sales, and so on? Find someone who’s gotten those in the past.

You want someone with a history of navigating projects like yours—and the skill to produce similar results.

4. Remember: not every website content writer will be a good match for you.

Me, I’m half-crazy.

Some people like that.

Some don’t.

If you’re straight-laced, I might rub you the wrong way.

And that’s fine—because you don’t want to pick the first writer you find.

Take some time to read samples, look at client endorsements, ask for references—and, yes, sound out your copywriter’s personality.

If you find someone and feel like you click, try a small job or two to make sure that you’re a good fit.

But don’t despair. It may take a few tries to find someone who can communicate—both with you and with your readers—in a way that works for you.

The takeaway

By trusting your copy to a professional content writer, you’ll project a more polished and capable image—and you’ll get better results. But do your research and invest some time into finding a writer who makes you comfortable. The end result will be worth the extra effort.

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