more than just content and copy

Yes, words are what writers write. But at WRIXON, we’re about so much more.

We’ll start by building your Perfect Foundation™, then go from there to build you a market-leading brand, so you can drive more sales, build authority in your industry, and transform your business.

Because a great content or copy project is about more than what gets created. It’s about what gets changed.


Content Strategy

Wondering what to do with content? We can advise on everything from message to media.


Content Creation

We’ve written for hundreds of clients over more than two decades—and we’d love to write for you.


Content Editing

Over the years, we’ve revised PPC ads, full-length books, and everything in between.


White-label Content

Agencies: we create content for your clients— so you don’t have to worry about it ever again.

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“If you've been burned before, then try WRIXON and I promise you—it's going to change your view of what it means to succeed with content in your business.”

the perfect content program™

The Perfect Content Program is a phased, systematized approach that reliably takes any service-based business from struggling to thriving—and its marketing from unfocused to razor-sharp.


phase 1: the perfect foundation.

Our deeply researched strategy sets the direction for everything to follow. You’ll come away with insights into your ideal buyer’s wants, needs, goals, objectives, and challenges. You’ll understand the transformation you provide—not just the service you offer. And you’ll learn and internalize precisely what to say to turn visitors into leads and clients.

phase 2: the perfect website.

Our Perfect Website package provides a full site’s worth of content that speaks to your audience in your voice— and that achieves your goals. Based on best practices and informed by the work of leading marketers and authors, your Perfect Website will show visitors exactly what they need to know, like, and trust you—and what you need to make more sales.


phase 3: the perfect funnel.

Convert more visitors into leads with a world-class lead-generation funnel. You’ll come away with a high-value lead magnet that provides real value to leads, a landing page to advertise the lead magnet and entice visitors to sign up, and a follow-up email series that moves prospects from “Who are you, again?” to “How can we work together?”

phase 4: the perfect blog.

If you’re looking for blog writing at ten cents a word, you’re in the wrong place. But if you want to fill your blog with authority-building articles that transcend “Google bait” and set up future sales, the Perfect Blog is for you. For most businesses, blogging for the search engines is a frustrating and fruitless game—instead, we’ll help you write for revenue.


phase 5: the perfect linkedin.

Don’t say you’re a thought leader—prove it on LinkedIn, the world’s largest B2B platform. We’ll rework your profile page for maximum authority, craft “let’s connect” message sequences and recommendation requests, and set you up with a steady stream of authority-building status updates and thought-leader content.

phase 6: the perfect newsletter.

It’s not enough to work with clients and then let them go back to their lives. When you keep in touch week-in and week-out with relevant, trust-building content, everything gets easier. Referrals come naturally, and repeat engagements happen as if by magic. The secret? Our world is attention-addled, and you can sell more simply by reminding clients you exist.


Each of these phases rolls out one after the other to create a cascade of powerful, results-oriented content. 

The result will help you market strategically, build authority in your market, attract leads, sell more easily, and ultimately grow revenue by orders of magnitude.

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Here’s how we meet deadlines. (And exceed expectations.)

We’ve honed our 7-step process over hundreds of projects—and we’d be more than happy to show you how it works.

  • 1


    We’ll discuss your marketing goals and objectives, and explore how we might work together.

  • 2


    Next, we’ll audit your entire content ecosystem for the critical factors that lead to success with content and copy.

  • 3


    If it makes sense to work together, we’ll map out what we’re going to create and the other project details.

  • 4


    To kick off our project, we’ll dive deep to discover the insights that will be critical to your success later on.

  • 5


    We’ll build on your Perfect Foundation and create content that sets you apart from the competition.

  • 6


    You’ll have the chance to refine the draft content in the editing phase before we deliver it to you.

  • 7


    At regular intervals, we’ll check the content against the metrics we set, to help us build on our successes.

Case studies

Software-as-a-service Company

For an established SaaS start-up, WRIXON developed a voice that was technical and knowledgeable, but casual and relatable. Copy elements included:

  • a full package of website content
  • a landing page and lead magnet
  • a long-form sales page,
  • two email sequences: one for sales after a webinar and one for new customer onboarding.

The sales page helped generate over $9,000 in subscriptions in the week after launch. Onboarding copy currently converts 10% of trials, and the webinar sequence has helped make more than $4,000.

Nutrition Entrepreneur

A web agency focusing on nutrition entrepreneurs brought WRIXON one of their clients—a woman who had built a regional brand and was looking to gain traction nationally.

WRIXON analyzed the client’s website and discovered one of the most popular pages was a useful blog post. We recommended an SEO-focused edit and a “content upgrade” strategy—where visitors would read the post and be offered a piece of closely-related downloadable content in exchange for their email address.

Traffic to the page increased by 177,000 visits year-over-year. The client added more than 20,000 new subscribers to her email list, and saw nearly 300,000 shares on Pinterest.

Marketing Consultants

A consulting team in the disability space were asked to publish an article in a large industry newsletter sent to more than 1,600 of their ideal clients.

They contracted WRIXON to write a signature article. We interviewed them, then took what they told us and applied a proven framework that persuaded and educated their readers. 

The result was a highly readable article that paved the way for additional requests for publication, as well as guest speaking slots at industry conferences.

Cleaning and disinfection company

For a cleaning company looking to launch a unique-in-market disinfection product to combat COVID-19, we were asked to create keyword-rich, conversion-focused website copy.

WRIXON clarified brand, tone, and voice with our Perfect Foundation process, then wrote a multi-page site… And then the client’s strategic direction changed. 

Pivoting quickly, we folded the new site into the existing parent’s web presence, editing all the copy so it spoke in one voice.

The resulting content was a success. Website traffic increased 43%—and on-page engagement grew by 450%.

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We provide a full complement of content services, including writing and editing, content marketing strategy, conversion strategy, content planning, and more.

To learn more about how we work and read samples of some of our work, download our Welcome Kit.

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